Individual or Executive Coaching

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Individual or Executive Coaching

The rules of antiracism sometimes don’t make sense when they intersect with all the other roles we play and responsibilities we have.  When everything starts to get tangled inside your head, it can help to talk to someone who understands schools, organizations, and businesses while centering equity (both racial and otherwise).  In a confidential environment that centers both support and accountability, I will support you to lead with confidence, humility, inquiry, and agency.  This work has been especially useful to heads of schools and organizations.

Facilitator Coaching for Antiracist Learning Groups

Antiracist learning groups are some of the most exciting antiracism skill building spaces that I have been a part of in my own journey.  But we can do them so badly sometimes!  I support facilitators to create antiracist learning spaces for White people that do the following:

  • Cultivate a collective, supportive group of White people working to contribute to healthy multiracial community, rather than competitive and individualistic White folks who drive people away
  • Build a climate of growth mindset for developing an antiracist practice so that White people can show up boldly, willing to take risks, while also staying humble and open to feedback
  • Help White people develop a positive White racial identity, willing and able to take action
  • Consider racial competency a skill set rather than a character reflection, and working to build and practice that skill set

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