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How White People Can Take Action for Racial Justice

Research tells us that racially diverse workplaces are more effective workplaces, but many of us don’t learn the skills for operating in or cultivating healthy diverse community.  My work focuses on helping your diverse team thrive so your business and clients can thrive too.  Some of the points we will hit include:

  • Building a positive racial identity
  • Skill building and practice for racial competency
  • Self-awareness as a form of action
  • Moving forward with a combination of boldness and humility


My work with hospitals makes a few things clear: health careproviders care deeply about their patients; both patients and staff are becoming increasingly diverse within multiple identifiers; and conflict is often both unintentional and impactful. Whether we are discussing microaggressions and microproficiencies (my word for all the millions of tiny things we get right each day), communication, or simply answering questions that people rarely have the courage to ask, my workshops create space for medical professionals to align their intention with their practice.  

Using an experiential learning model, I help bring theory down to earth in a way that makes building healthy—and honest—diverse community feel doable and joyful. Important topics we will cover include:

1.     Belonging and Voice in Group Dynamics

2.     Skill Building and Practice for Racial Competency

3.     Self-awareness as a Form of Action

4.     Moving Forward with Boldness and Humility

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