Educating for Equity

Ali Michael, Ph. D.

“I want to contribute to creating healthy multiracial schools where every child can show up and be their whole selves. I want teachers and students to be able to have authentic relationships in which they truly see one another, not the stereotypes they have been fed.

I study Whiteness in education as a necessary part of that journey. In a field where 82 percent of our teachers and administrators are White, we cannot talk about racial equity without talking about Whiteness."
Ali Michael
Facilitator, writer, and consultant

My Work

Though my work is rooted in academia, I focus my efforts on making the research on race and education more accessible to teachers. Most of our academic research is literally tucked away in journals that most teachers can't access without a university library card. Once you get your hands on it, it can be hard to read, either because it is not written with application in mind, or because it's emotionally challenging. My goal is to produce books, articles, speeches, and blogposts that will help the research come alive in a way that educators can access, so that they can begin to transform their classrooms and schools into racially equitable spaces.
Almost all of my work is accessible on this website.  Please read, listen, and share.

Client Testimonials

“Ali Michael is so finely attuned to the true work of schools. Her focus on the genuine questions, thinking and work of teachers is especially valuable and she is a natural, gifted teacher, coach and consultant to all constituencies of a school community. Her partnership with AFS was deeply productive and much appreciated by faculty and administrators in all four divisions of our school.”

Rich Nourie, Head of School - Abington Friends School

Ali Michael is a powerful voice for racial justice. Racism impacts all of us in America -- black, white and brown.  As educators, we cannot ignore our population’s increasing diversity; this diversity impacts classrooms and will impact the workplace. We must be honest and intentional as we address questions of race, equity and inclusion. Our country would be a better place if more Americans reflected on the important questions that Ali raises and grappleswith on a regular basis.  I’m grateful for your partnership, your support and encouragement of accomplished teachers and your leadership on this critical issue of ourtime.

- Peggy Brookins, NBCT  President & CEO National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

''Commitment to cultural competence is key for any institution that holds the development of community as a priority.Ali Michael makes it possible for all community stakeholders (regardless of varying experience, understanding and level of awareness) to find a place to begin their journey on diversity and inclusivity work.

– Whitcliff McKnight, Head of Lower School - The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA

''At our first meeting, Ali immediately put us at ease. She did this by modeling her own vulnerability and uncertainty, assuring us that no one has the “right” answers about race, and encouraging us to simply continue talking together…We are grateful for and highly impressed with her professional support, her understanding of and responsiveness to our program’s goals and needs, and her encouragement in our collective endeavor."

– Nicole Gillespie - Knowles Science Teaching Foundation

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