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My amazing colleagues

This team can help you figure where you're going and how to get there.
Don't hesitate to reach out with just the seed of an idea--we can grow it together.

Judy Osborne

Judy Osborne is an Atlanta-based cultural strategist with expertise in DEI team building and practice.  She will listen to your needs and strategize with you to create a contract with Ali that fits your calendar, budget, and goals.

She has particular interest in coaching DEI leaders and teams,  designing affinity/ERG programs, and creating social impact partnerships. A former DEI Director and educator, Judy's experience in schools and organizations helps leaders create a roadmap for prioritizing professional learning and the practical tools for making transformative equity outcomes possible.

Jacqueline Berry

Jacqueline Berry handles all of Ali's logistics, invoices, and calendar. She currently calls Philadelphia home. Here she worked for several years in fair trade, homeless services, disability advocacy, a river clean up project and Palestine Writes Literature Festival.

She currently works, amongst others, with Educating for Equity and The Race Institute for K-12 Educators.

Jacqueline lives with the intention that her lifestyle choices, work, activism and volunteerism all contribute to social, environmental and economic justice for a more equitable and sustainable world.

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