Coaching Series
April 1, 2024

Spring 2024 Workshops

Ali Michael, PhD

Facilitation Intensive

Wednesdays: May 1, 15, 29 & June 5

7:00p-8:30p EST On Zoom

Limited Capacity: 20 participants

Do you ever wish you had time to workshop the short vignettes you use to illustrate a point, or question how much vulnerability is too much to share with a group? Are you seeking strategies to help people participate when you get crickets in response to a question, or the room has iced over in response to underlying conflict?

This four week intensive will support facilitators (and teachers who facilitate) to do the introspective background work that enriches the facilitation of a workshop or a class. We will workshop our facilitation styles together, sharing strategies for effective workshop structures along the way. The course is both experiential and experimental, requiring the full contribution of participants during the workshop and in the homework assignments in between.

While the course is not specific to antiracism training, the facilitator is White and will share stories from her work as a facilitator of antiracism learning.

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Antiracist Jewish Educator Learning Space

Tuesdays: April 30, May 14, May 28 & June 4

7:00p-8:30p EST On Zoom

This will be an antiracist learning space for educators who identify as Jewish and want a place to think more deeply about racism, Whiteness, DEI, Israel-Palestine, and identity, all in relation to being Jewish here and now. Jews of all racial backgrounds and practices are welcome.

This is not a teaching space, but a facilitated space for connection, collective learning, and exploration. We will bring in readings that support the conversations that people want to have. The facilitator (Ali Michael) will organize and lead the space, but the content will come from our collective inquiries. We may not all reach the same conclusions.

Please join if you are interested in asking questions and seeking answers in community. If you are interested in convincing others of your worldview, this is not the space for you. Ali identifies as a White Reconstructionist Jew by choice who lived in Jerusalem for six months, while interning with Palestinian Sesame Street in Ramallah, the West Bank.

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