October 16, 2020

Podcast Black @America: How White People Can Hear Feedback and Take Action

Ali Michael

Taking feedback can be hard in the best of times.  During Covid, most of us are already raw and stretched. This summer, the Black @School movement that took place on Instagram delivered feedback to schools across the country that education is delivered in a way that causes trauma to Black students.  How can educators take in this feedback in a way that leads to healing and change in our classrooms?  In this podcast (see link below), I interviewed trauma specialist Eleonora Bartoli, PhD, about how to move beyond the fight, flight, freeze reactions that are common for White people when hearing feedback about the ways that we perpetuate racism.

If you access this interview, we encourage you to donate to one of the most impactful educational organizations in the country: The Center for Black Educator Development, led by Sharif El-Mekki.

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Click here to listen: Black @America Interview with Dr. Eleonora Bartoli

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