January 13, 2023

Design Lab for Teachers: Supporting Positive Racial ID in Students

Ali Michael

A strong positive racial identity has been shown to be linked with social and academic success for students.  How can teachers support a strong positive racial identity in their students? Too often we think this means we will have contentious and confusing conversations about racism with kids.  But in actuality, supporting racial identity development means helping students be themselves.  In this laboratory, teachers will work together to design lessons for their classrooms that support the racial identities of their students in ways that help students affirm themselves and one another.

Laboratory meetings will be on Mondays on Zoom from 7:00p-8:30p EST

February 13,  March 13, April 17 and May 15

This is not a lecture series.  Participants will need to commit to participating, interacting in small groups, and contributing their own experience and expertise.  Teachers of all racial backgrounds are encouraged to join.  The facilitator is White.  

The course is limited to the first 25 registrants.

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