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Part 2 Respecting Black Boys in a Way that Supports Excellence

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What does it look like to respect Black boys in a way that supports excellence in education?

Respecting Black boys is about defying the narrative and helping them to do so as well.

Eddie Moore, Jr: A Personal Story

As a Black man who studies and writes about Black male achievement, I’m eager to share asset models of White women who have shown up for me in my education; to salute them. For me, the example that stands out is Ms. Russell, a White woman teacher who proved that being a great teacher isn’t the same thing as being a popular teacher.

To be honest, I really didn't like her. Ms. Russell put up with none of the crap I threw at her.

  • She didn’t accept excuses for my assignments being late.
  • She didn’t accept my first draft as a finished draft.
  • She didn’t accept my sitting in the back of the classroom.
  • She didn’t accept my tardiness.

She expected More.

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