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Comprehensive Multicultural Curriculum: Self-Awareness as Process

Creating Cultural Safety in Couple and Family Therapy Supervision and Training

Traditionally, counselor education programs offer a single multicultural (MC) course. Multiple courses or inclusion of MC information across the curriculum are preferred over the “one course” model; however, the “multiple courses” model is onerous on a program’s credits, and in the “inclusion” model, the degree and uniformity of MC material is difficult to coordinate and guarantee across courses. The authors will describe a curriculum that combines the one course and infusion models to deliver comprehensive MC training in a counselor education program. This curriculum includes MC self-awareness Labs aimed at raising students’ consciousness of the role that their identities play in interpersonal dynamics, and therefore, in clinical work. The paper will describe briefly the overall structure of the curriculum, and in more detail, the MC self-awareness Labs. The authors will highlight the importance, when it comes to MC pedagogy, of not simply conveying content, but also facilitating a transformative process.

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