October 14, 2020

Coaching Sessions for White "Affinity Group" Leaders

Ali Michael

Dear colleagues,

I am hosting a four part class/coaching session (Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 EST on 10/28, 11/18, 12/16, 1/20) for White people who lead White anti-racist learning spaces.  These sessions will be specifically geared towards people who are leading White “affinity groups” and will be structured so as to share strategies for organizing such groups and sharing potential activities.  If, for example, you are running a White affinity group for faculty or students this year, you would get potential activities from this workshop to engage your group, and then you could come back and ask questions about implementation and response.  If you do not run an official “affinity group,” but you are a White person who teaches White students about anti-racism, or you are a White person who would like support/coaching around leading a predominantly White faculty in anti-racism conversations, you might benefit from this as well.  

This course will be experiential and emergent, growing out of the questions of the people who are in it.  In each session, I will present about 30 minutes worth of content, and I will model exercises that could be used to help White people practice skills for anti-racism.  For the remaining hour, I will respond to questions/concerns/resistance posed by White people in your groups who are unsure how to take their next steps.  And we will practice.

I am offering the four part session as a package because I want to build a cohort that can be supportive of one another, as well as content that can be cumulative.  If you are unable to make one or two of the meetings, you may want to register for the four part session that begins in February. The registration below ($195) will register you for the entire four part session.

Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested.  

all my best,